Prevent Copper Wire Theft with LOCKJAW! Utility Box Security Lids!

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Complete Underground Utility Protection

In addition to protecting against copper wire theft, SIPRA Corp's patented LOCKJAW! Utility Box Security Lids are applicable to any underground utility infrastructure where utility boxes are utilized.
Electrical ground box - utility protection in Fresno, CA
Electric wires - utility protection in Fresno, CA

LOCKJAW! Confidence!

At SIPRA Corp., we manufacture high-quality security lids designed and built to give you confidence. Our security lids incorporate our own, patented locking system that effectively locks the box cover into place over your utilities, locking your assets in and would-be thieves and vandals out. And with our specialized tooling features, installation takes just about a minute to complete while also allowing for quick accessibility when needed.

LOCKJAW! Versatility!

Whether your utility boxes are in an older historical neighborhood or on a new highway construction project, SIPRA Corp can manufacture security lids to your specifications. The versatility of our locking system allows us to design to virtually any box dimension ever made, old or new.

Save Money & Prevent Costly Repairs

The implementation of LOCKJAW! Utility Box Security Lids has proven to be a very effective method of “hardening the target” by deterring theft and vandalism. With traditional drop-in lids where accessibility is nearly an effortless task, thieves can create an enormous amount of damage in a matter of minutes that more than likely will result in thousands of dollars in losses, including costs associated with reallocating labor resources. The bottom line: Investing in long-term prevention of theft and vandalism of your underground infrastructure will save you time and money by preventing costly repairs.
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