Prevent Copper Wire Theft with LOCKJAW! Utility Box Security Lids!

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LOCKJAW! Product Features

Standard Sizes:

LOCKJAW! Lids are manufactured to retrofit a wide variety of utility box enclosures over a wide range of manufacturers, dimensions and utilities types. SIPRA Corp offers standard lid sizes anywhere from a single piece 10” x 15” unit up to a 30” x 60” three piece unit.

Custom Sizes:

Custom sizes can be manufactured to your specifications for just about any size enclosure. Ideally, we prefer to have a sample box at our facility for test fitting new sizes but this can also be done from field measurement if sample boxes are not available. For more information on custom sizing, please give us a call at 1-888-775-5543.


Markings to identify the utility associated with the enclosure can be incorporated in the cover or, if preferred, the covers can be left unmarked. If markings are required, a 2” x 9” marking plate secured by rivets can be affixed in a recessed pocket on the face of the cover for small quantity orders, or, for larger orders, the markings can be cut in to the face of the cover with a back plate welded underneath.

Standard Coatings & Finishes

Cover Sections & Affixed Subassemblies: Hot dip galvanized.

Jaws, Washers & Marking Plates: Zinc plated.

Security Bolts & Nuts: Thermally Diffused Galvanizing (TDG)*
*TDG is a metal finishing process that differs from hot dipped methods in that the coating is baked into the surface of the material with minimal build on the surface. The TGD method provides an excellent finish that will last for the life of the part. Salt spray tests have shown that TDG is superior to other galvanizing finishes and coatings as well as certain types of stainless steel materials. TDG is exclusive to our LOCKJAW! Utility Box Security Lid product line and will not be offered with other security cover products.

Security Bolts & Tools

SIPRA Corp manufactures all security fasteners and tools for the LOCKJAW! product line. Standard and custom configurations are available. For more information on our bolts and tooling, please give us a call at 1-888-775-5543. To read more about our Tool Policy, click here.

Spec Sheets

Whether you're sending a job out for bid or a contractor bidding a job, SIPRA Corp can provide you with the necessary specification sheets to complete your bid package. Given the nature of the product, spec sheets are available only upon request. Please call or click here to submit your request.